Why do we often allow ourselves to become frustrated and frustrated with life? Why is it that we often let our misfortunes define us? Why do we let sadness, misery and depression permanently ruin our days?

The simple search for many of the above questions will enlighten you to discover that through frustration, our love for life sometimes becomes our greatest hardship on our path to sustainable and successful living.

There are many reasons why we feel frustrated and even depressed. Many of the common reasons include complex tests in school which cause undue pressure; bossy colleagues; financial problems; illness; relationship issues; child/parents issues; line-ups at the supermarket; being late to work or even poor diet and exercise.

All of these reasons are “mental” problems that being embarrassed about, we will feel ashamed of; we will feel guilty for having; and we will feel frustrated with life as we perceive and expect more will be added before us. And so we just take it all in and endure yet only make the same mistakes, attempt only to make small improvements in our environment. And we desire more.

Do not be fooled by the excuses, aggravations, and misfortunes that you experience in life. 쌍수 하면 안되는 눈 These are simple distractions that smooth out the techniques often employed to show ourselves that we’re working very hard to succeed in life. And in all truth, we are. Although most of us are not working our full 24-hours, and are likely not enjoying the bulk of our daily activities, we are still working very, very hard to attempt to obtain all of the above mentioned positives in our daily lives.

But have we ever quite stopped and asked ourselves why is there such an Orange. Please stop and think about it. Is it because there is an orange? Well what do you think, you think there will be an orange. And would it surprise you if I told you that for a day only you have to put aside everything related to the orange you are not smiling about in life? For a day only do not be reminded about the negative side of life, the uglier side. Indeed there is an orange. So you just put aside all of the above mentioned thoughts and experiences of the Orange, and do not allow the physical to re-emerge as you would then re-stimulate. Just try to realise that you just have to give one day each of the observed positives outside of your daily life. Just try to forget the negative moment, the frustration and let the appreciation of the Orange blossom in your mind. Unaware that you spent the last seven minutes being oblivious to the known orange, now you are given the chance to bring about the other much anticipated positive side of life.

The concept is clear but the implementation is not. So to begin the term “I have no desire for the Orange” is a just riddled with motivational and creative power. It is the occasion of the moment of the Allen to pay today back in the future for all I’ve allowed myself to become today and for which you have paid. It is the occasion of the productive effort to accept and implement the tactics for your growth in your life. It is waiting on you to embrace the power to see that thestorm is just your mind tricking you into thinking that a storm has just now hit. That when you stop it, you have the power to kill a re- relapse and this very moment, it may smolder. Let me tell you a secret about the safety of the orange. And generally speaking; the other colours of nature do not hurt us. It is the negatives that choose to hurt us.

Are we the victim to the “Room of Perception”? Maybe not. BUT DO WE COME TO LOOK AT OURSELVES partake it?

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